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A raft is any flat structure used for support or transportation over water.

It traditionally involves building with various buoyant objects, such as pioneering poles,

ropes and sealed barrels, or inflated air chambers, and is propelled by paddling.


Can you build and paddle your own raft across our lake without it falling apart?


This activity encourages teamwork, cooperation and problem solving, as well as

testing out your knowledge of knots and the concepts of building items from scratch.

As with most water-based activities, getting wet is part of the fun! But don't worry if

your Raft goes down, our Safety crew will be there to rescue you, and what remains

of your raft.


We have enough equipment for up to 12 rafts. Get some teams together and have

a race.


We offer full day (large group), half day or evening sessions building and paddling our rafts. We also offer a Traditional Rafting Permit (includes Scout Leadership Permit).


Traditional Rafts using 4 barrels and 6 poles are used for Scout/Guide age upwards. For younger groups, we use 2 windsurf boards and 4 poles as a stable platform.


Taster session (evening 2 hours, half day 2 ½ hours or full day 6 hours)



Full day sessions are usually for large groups that build in the morning and launch/race in the afternoon.


Who can do this activity?

Find the Scout Activity Badge here and the Girlguiding guidance here.


Traditional Rafting Permit (½ day)

The Permit (including Scout Leadership Permit) enables you to take groups out on our B1 class water. You will become the leader, able to safely deliver a session and have good group control. You will construct a safe raft, launch, load and paddle different strokes to enable you to pass on the knowledge to your group.

Most leaders are able to recover costs from their group or district.